Sunday, October 4, 2009

New Construction from White Rock Lake to Woodrow Wilson

UPDATE!! Construction has begun on the trail near White Rock Lake and working towards Woodrow Wilson High School. Already, they have done a lot of dirt work from East Grand Ave to West Shore at Lindsey Park.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Pictures of the Santa Fe Trail

Visit our website at and click on the Flickr link to see some new images of the trail progress.

Thanks for following...more to come soon.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Santa Fe Trail in the News

The Dallas Morning News did a great story on the Santa Fe Trail today.

And we found out that the first part of the trail from Randall Park & Woodrow Wilson to Hill Street just north of the Fair Park entrance will be finished around June 15th.

If you have not already done so please add your name to our email list at the website

Finally, LakewoodStock was a great success we introduced information about to trail to lots of new people. If you know of someone that might be interested in our trail please let them know about the website!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009



Friends of Santa Fe Trail will be at LakewoodStock on Sunday, May 17th, at Lakewood Shopping Center from 2 until 8. Check out for the great bands and activities. Come by our booth to buy a t-shirt (and they are inexpensive- just $9), ask any questions, sign up to participate and otherwise meet and greet other people interested in their east Dallas community.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Web Site and general update

Our new web site is up - - and we hope you'll agree that it looks terrific.

As a reminder, please let us know by emailing if you have an interest in volunteering for one of our committees.

Also, the date for beginning actual construction on the phase of the trail connecting to the lake is August, 2009, a date that is a little hot for a ground breaking, but we'll celebrate at some point for sure.

Thanks for your interest!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Latest News

Quite a bit has been happening, most of which has involved timing of funding for the phase of the trail from White Rock to Glasgow. Without boring you with all the details, the bottom line at this stage seems to be that construction will commence in Fall of '09.


  1. The City Council votes on the trail extension to the Baylor DART station and to Fair Park the first week in January.
  2. The second trail bridge was installed last month. This is over Haskell Boulevard, between I-30 and Main Street, near Fair Park.
  3. Haskel Bridge
  4. Friends sponsored a Tietze Park event to enhance our name recognition.
  5. We will be rolling out our formal fund raising campaign shortly, as soon as the new design materials are complete (special thanks to Beth Gonzalez and Kristi Offenburger for their donation of their time and talents!)

The Request

We need to formalize our various committees and meetings. Many of you have expressed interest in taking a meaningful role and YOU ARE NOW NEEDED. Please email us if you are interested in serving on any one of the following committees. We anticipate committees will meet no more than once a quarter unless need be. Our committees are as follows:

  • General Membership Program
  • Developing Destination Connectivity (getting to new or existing cool places to enhance the trail experience)
  • Public Relations
  • Founding Member Program/Foundation/ Grants
  • Partnerships with Community Organizations
  • Commuter Advocacy (including working on access to Downtown and working with DART)
  • Trail Design and amenities (will include leading design charrette with interested parties)